Buff Lumber Ltd have designed and manufactured the original Buff Lumber Access Mat. These mats are primarily used for oilfield and pipeline access solutions - however, the possibilites are endless.
All of our Buff Lumber Access Mats are fully repairable with our design & manufacturing.
Pre-drilled & cut to length timbers are available to repair mats.
Our Manufacturing Plant can also customize the "Mat Size" to your specifications if desired.

Buff Lumber Access Mats are available in the following sizes

  • 8 feet wide -10/14/16 feet long --  6 inches thick with retractable lift hook

  • 4  “Slip-Away” or recessed chain fasteners

  • Secured with 4 x 1” steel rods

We also manufacture 8" thick HEAVY DUTY Buff Lumber Access Mats

Access Mats

Access Mats

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