House Logs


The manufacturing of dry house logs is a very diligent & comprehensive process.  Buff Lumber only uses logs that we have harvested, processed & hauled to our mill.  Our employees are in full control of all of the correct harvesting & environmental compliance issues.  Our logging crews are certified by SafeworkBC, ISO9001, BC Forest Safety Council & our logging is FSI certified.


The selection of Dry logs for house logs start in the Forest.  Our Company harvests “Pine Beetle” Lodgepole Pine Forests in the Interior of British Columbia.  Our House Logs are sorted by Size and Quality at the “landing” and then loaded onto trucks and delivered to our Millsite in Westwold.  This harvesting method ensures that the Forests are Environmentally harvested, and ready to be planted the following year to a new stand of trees.

Blue Stained Wood

The Logs are then “Canted” into 6 x 6, 6 x 8, or 8 x 8 Rough Timber Cants, and piled for at least 1 year on Air – drying in the Arid Westwold Valley.  After a minimum of 1 year, every cant is moisture checked before milling, & must be under 16 % moisture.  Rejected cants are re-piled for additional drying.  We guarantee “DRY HOUSE LOGS”

Cants Drying

Log Planer

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